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No Gas Tax Holiday in Virginia: Commonwealth's Senate Votes to ‘Pass By' Proposal

Gov. Glenn Youngkin had proposed an amendment for a three-month suspension of the gas tax


There's no gas tax holiday ahead for Virginians.

Although the Virginia House of Delegates adopted Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s proposed amendment for a three-month suspension of the gas tax, the Virginia Senate has again rejected Youngkin's proposal.

It voted 21-18 to "pass by" the measure, effectively killing it on Friday night.

Ahead of the vote, Youngkin had said he was not giving up.

"It is the single biggest topic that I hear from Virginians," he said.

Youngkin had called for a suspension of the commonwealth's gas tax as a way to help lower the price at the pump. A three-month gas tax holiday would have lowered the cost of a gallon of gas by about 26 cents.

But there was opposition to that plan.

Some of Virginia's Senate Democrats, including Sen. Scott Surovell, had said the caucus didn’t like the idea before and probably wouldn't again. Their concern, in part, was that the move would only benefit oil companies that could just re-raise the price of gas.

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