Three More Fights Reported at Forestville High School

Three more fights were reported at Forestville High School in Prince George’s County Wednesday – a school that has seen its share of violent incidents recently.

Wednesday, a parent told News4 that three unrelated fights had happened at the school. After the fights, a mother, a grandmother and a brother had to be escorted out of the school by police for disorderly behavior, the school system confirmed.

No one was seriously injured in the incidents, and the students involved were disciplined.

This follows two other incidents at Forestville earlier this year. Near the end of January, school officials confirmed, a number of girls were involved in a group fight inside the school while the school day was underway.

Then, days after the group fight, a teacher at Forestville was punched by a student and knocked out cold. A tipster sent News4 a video of the injured teacher with blood on his face and hands.

That tipster told News4 that the school was “out of control.”

Forestville’s head of security said that was not the case. In fact, Forestville High School, which offers a military magnet program, has the second-highest graduation rate in Prince George’s County.

Still, one parent said the fights have become commonplace.

“He says there is a fight every day, there’s not a day goes by where there’s not a fight,” said Eloise Head. “And it’s gotten to the point where the kids actually look forward to fighting for some reason or other, especially when they get on YouTube. It's almost like you become well-known.”

Another parent, however, said his son had been going to the school for three years and never had a problem. "He's always been an honor roll student," said the parent, who did not give his name. "As far as I can see, and what he's telling me, this is a good school."

The Prince George's County school district released a statement to News4. "Our expectation is that students conduct themselves in a well-behaved manner on and off school property. This type of incident is not a trend at PGCPS, and we encourage all -- parents, students and the community -- to talk to students about resolving issues, and reiterate that violence is never the answer."

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