Tareq Salahi Announces His “Core Campaign Team” for Gubernatorial Bid

He's a former alleged White House party crasher, and the estranged husband of a woman who came up with the 51st way to leave her lover... and now Tareq Salahi is serious about becoming a candidate for governor of Virginia.

In a statement, he railed against Ken Cuccinelli, who is expected to benefit from the Virginia GOP's decision to switch from a primary to a convention.

"It is clear that the only thing that has changed since Cuccinelli supported an open primary in last year’s Republican vote is the announcement that I am seeking the Republican nomination for governor in next year’s primary and his fear that I will win," Salahi said.

Salahi, who at last count had a two percent approval rating, seems to be either delusional or self-promotional.

The team:

Charles Roberts, Esq. will serve as General Counsel for Salahi for Governor. Charles Roberts' education culminated at Harvard Law School.  He graduated in the top 16% of his law school class and was a law clerk with the Ohio Supreme Court.  He was an investigative and trial lawyer for the United States Congress in Washington, D.C. prior to opening up his own law firm based in the Commonwealth of Virginia.
Scott Mackenzie will serve as Treasurer for Salahi for Governor. Scott Mackenzie has served as the Deputy Treasurer (later Treasurer) of Reagan for President; received Presidential appointments to Department of State and Treasury; returned to Reagan-Bush '84; served as a Board Member to the Reagan Trust; Finance Officer to 1984 Inaugural Committee to the President of the United States.  Since the Reagan campaigns, Mr. Mackenzie has served as Treasurer for several US Presidential Campaigns.

Kelley Rogers of Strategic Campaign Group will serve as a senior consultant to Salahi for Governor. Kelley Rogers has worked in Republican politics across the country for over two decades; serving as the National Political Director for NFIB, (the National Federation of Independent Business) the nation’s largest small business association.  Clients have included the Republican National Committee, NFIB, the National Association of Homebuilders, numerous congressional candidates throughout the country, members of Congress, United States Senators, Republican legislative caucuses, statewide candidates, and Senator Fred Thompson’s presidential campaign.

Andrea Ross will serve as a senior consultant to Salahi for Governor in the capacity of director of campaign strategy, communications and voter mobilization. Andrea Ross served under President Reagan at the White House and worked on Tax Reform and Financial Institutions Policy in Secretary James Baker’s Office of Domestic Policy at the U.S. Department of the Treasury.  She later moved into investment banking in New York working on corporate restructurings and acquisitions of financial institutions and London marketing derivatives to banks across Europe. 

Mark Vargas will serve as a consultant to Salahi for Governor in the capacity of military and civilian service liaison, and voter mobilization and outreach. Mark Vargas has served at the US Department of Defense and also in Iraq as a civilian within the Office of the Secretary of Defense. In this capacity, he received several awards including the Secretary of Defense Global War on Terrorism Civilian Service Medal.  Additionally, he was a candidate for former US Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert's US Congressional seat in Illinois’ 14th District.

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