SUV Smashed Into Several Parked Cars Overnight in Columbia Heights

Driver fled the scene; passenger caught by police

Residents of one Columbia Heights street got a rude awakening Friday: Overnight, someone crashed in to 11 parked cars.

About 2:30 a.m., residents of the 1000 block of Euclid Street heard horrific impact after horrific impact. This wasn’t just scratches and displaced side view mirrors. Several cars sustained significant damage, and residents reported their homes shaking.

When an SUV crossed 11th Street and hit a change in grade, it went airborne. Went it landed, it began bouncing off of cars on both sides of the street. When it hit a Toyota, it went airborne again.

“As it’s airborne, it does like a 180,” said a woman who was parking her car when the car came down the street like a pinball. “As I’m sitting in my car, all I see are the rearview lights coming toward my car.”

She braced for impact and prayed.

“I basically saw my life flash before me,” she said.

The airborne SUV hit her car, bounced off and landed on top of a Jeep Grand Cherokee.

The driver got out, hopped a fence and ran from the scene, witnesses said. A passenger tried to walk away from the scene but was caught by police.

A police source told News4 the offending SUV was being chased by police. A department spokesperson denied the incident involved police pursuit.

Police have not said who owned the SUV or whether or not it was stolen. There’s no word on a suspect.

No serious injuries were reported.

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