Suspicious Vehicle Spotted at Pentagon; Men Detained

Police say three people who were heavily intoxicated in a "suspicious" vehicle near the Pentagon, creating a tense scene Sunday morning, have been arrested.

At approximately 7:23 a.m., Pentagon police noticed a vehicle near the Pentagon's South Parking Lot, at the intersection of South Eads Street and South Rotary Road, adjacent to the Route 395 underpass. The vehicle had a wire protruding from the driver's door.

The vehicle was deemed suspicious and potentially dangerous. Police established a perimeter around the area, and, as a precaution, called the bomb squads from the Pentagon and Arlington County to the scene as well as a hazmat team from the Pentagon.

Officials said the three men were asked to exit the vehicle but were not responsive to the officers' requests.

At one point, the men tried to drive off and flee the scene. They were stopped, apprehended and taken into custody. Police say the driver of the vehicle was given a breathalyzer test and registered a .113 blood alcohol level; .08 is the legal limit for driving.

The vehicle was found not to have any hazardous or dangerous materials and was towed to the Pentagon's Impound Lot on Boundary Channel Drive.

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