Sulaimon Brown Ordered to Provide Records to City Attorneys

022411 Sulaimon Brown Sits With Reporters at Mayors News Conference

The former D.C. mayoral candidate who accused Mayor Vincent Gray’s campaign of offering him a job in exchange for help on the campaign trail last year must let city attorneys examine records from his campaign, a judge ordered Thursday.

City attorneys will copy Sulaimon Brown’s records for a probe in to Gray’s hiring practices, the judge ruled.

Previously, Brown said he could not surrender the records because he’d given them to federal authorities as part of a related probe. The documents have been returned since then and are available for city attorneys, Brown’s attorney said.

Brown testified before a D.C. Council committee examining Gray's hiring practices that his campaign chairwoman and other aides gave him cash and promised him a job in exchange for bad-mouthing then-Mayor Adrian Fenty on the campaign trail.

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