Student Injured While Being Restrained for Using Cell Phone

A woman claims her 15-year-old daughter was beaten in an incident involving two security guards and the principal at Wise High School in Upper Marlboro, Md., The Washington Post reported.

Around lunchtime Tuesday, Principal Carletta Marrow caught a student talking on a cellphone and asked her to leave the classroom. When the student refused, the principal summoned two security guards to help her restrain the student using handcuffs, spokesman Darrell S. Pressley said.

"That's when the security personnel, along with the principal, worked to restrain the student for her safety, along with the safety of the others in the classroom," Pressley said.

The student’s mother told NBC Washington’s Jackie Bensen that she planned to take her daughter out of school early that and was contacting her daughter by phone to let her know she would be late. She said she takes full responsibility for her daughter being on the phone in school.

She said she had to take her daughter to Southern Maryland Hospital for stitches and a head scan, The Post reported.

"This is something much more than a cellphone struggle," McLeod said. "That was not any struggle. That was a beating."

Pressley told NBC Washington Friday that the school system is investigating the incident but the information it has is that it was restraint, not a beating.

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