Storms May Interfere With Evening Rush

Most rain will come during the late night

Evening showers could interfere with the Friday evening rush, but don't get stressed just yet, says Storm4 meteorologist Kim Martucci.

We have a 50 percent chance of rain, which -- if it comes -- will head in from the west. It could be starting around quitting time, but it's equally possible rain will hold off until late evening. Most of the rain the region will see will come during the late night.

Don't expect heavy winds or flooding like we did in July, Martucci said. The rain will be widespread, but not heavy. Those east of I-95 in Maryland will likely wake up to lingering rain on Saturday as the storms usher in a cold front... Well, a cooler front, anyway. Highs on Saturday and Sunday should be 84 and 82 degrees, respectively.

Beach conditions -- around Bethany and Rehoboth -- will be stormy on Saturday with a high of 81, and rainy on Sunday with a high of 78, said Storm4 meteorologist Veronica Johnson.

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