Stop that Sweepercam: Ticketing Program on Hold

Drivers can take pictures of illegally parked cars

The District's street-sweeper ticketing program is on hold.

D.C. has postponed the start of the program, which allows drivers of street sweepers to take pictures of vehicles that are parked illegally during cleaning hours, according to the Washington Times.

The Department of Public Works initially said it would begin issuing warning notices Aug. 4 and start issuing tickets Oct. 10.

The cameras' images and information are captured after the driver presses a button and are recorded digitally.  That info is then transferred wirelessly to be validated and processed.  DPW estimated that it will take two to seven business days to mail a citation. Out-of-state vehicle owners may take longer to receive tickets.

Two sweepers on separate routes issued 1,766 warnings from Aug. 4 through Oct. 21 while using the cameras, according to the Times.

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