Stadium Will Leverage Transportation Projects in SW

The promise of a $300 million stadium for D.C. United in Southwest Washington is set to leverage multiple transportation projects in the area.

Nationals Park -- just a few blocks from the proposed site of the proposed soccer stadium -- has handled the crowds well so far, but the addition of D.C. United's stadium could add new transportation challenges.

"Mixed use is the best way, so if you're coming down here, you should be able to ride the Metro," D.C. resident Paul Martin said. "It shouldn't be an issue about parking."

The top of the stadium project term sheet signed Thursday states, 'The stadium will leverage other District investments such as the South Capitol Street Bridge project, the parking facilities for Nationals Ballpark and the proposed Streetcar project."

D.C. Department of Transportation is planning to build a new South Capitol Street Bridge, which would lead straight to the stadium. Currently, it stands rusted and worn out, and the DDOT promise smart transportation will be the backbone of the project.

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