Baby Beaver Lost at Metro Station Returned to Wild

It’s not every day you see an adorable baby beaver hanging out in a bustling city like Washington, D.C.

The tiny animal was spotted padding around a fountain at the Van Ness Metro station Wednesday, a Washington Humane Society and Washington Animal Rescue League spokesman told radio station WTOP

A video taken by passerby Jonathan Murray shows the little critter looking lost, cautiously crawling back and forth and being petted and climbing on a person's shoe. 

A D.C. police officer dashed to a store nearby to find a box to hold the baby beaver until an animal welfare officer arrived, Humane Society spokesman Scott Giacoppo told WTOP. The animal was evaluated and released into the wild.

Giacoppo is urging residents to avoid touching wild animals — no matter how cute or friendly they seem.

"I strongly encourage people when they see a wild animal, never handle them, just leave them be," Giacoppo told WTOP.

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