The Social Media President Partners With Flickr

White House now has an official photostream

In case you can't find enough pictures of the president on the Internet, the White House now has an official online photo-sharing partner.

Flickr and the U.S. General Services Administration reached an agreement allowing federal agencies to use the photo-sharing giant. First up: the White House.

The Official White House Photostream enhances the social media president's cyber-connection to the public.

It's almost like going backstage with President Barack Obama. See him on the phone, in meetings, tossing a football around the Oval Office, putting with the vice president, playing with Bo, standing with hands folded in front of him, standing with hands folded behind him, laughing, glad-handing, fist-bumping, and much, much more.

And yes, first lady and style icon Michelle Obama's in there, too, as well as our Washington friends old (like the Clintons) and new (Rahm Emanuel, Robert Gibbs).

Obama's old hat when it comes to Flickr. He used it throughout his campaign, with 50,000 images uploaded, according to Flickr.

So power up, log in (or join for free), add the White House as one of your personal contacts and try to get your presidential voyeurism fix.

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