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Recruiters Name Top Ten Criteria That Make or Break a Resume Survey Identifies Resume Essentials, Experts Offer Advice on How to Stand Out
NEW YORK – (March 2, 2009) – What are the most important pieces of information recruiters expect to see in an executive-level resume?  And how do you design a resume to deliver them effectively?, the world's leading online platform for the $100K+ job market, sought input from the experts, surveying 564 recruitment professionals on the top criteria they look for in every resume, and asking certified professional resume writers their advice on how best to package that information.
Following were the top ten resume criteria named by recruiters:
  • Areas of Expertise: Recruiters said that demonstrating a strong area of expertise is what sets a candidate apart from the pack.
  • Relevant Industry Experience: Recruiters want to know instantly that a candidate has a solid track record of success.
  • Leadership Capabilities: Has the candidate managed a business unit?  A sales team?  Recruiters in the $100K+ job market are looking for proven leaders.
  • A Strong Professional Summary: Akin to the liner notes on a best-selling novel, a succinct and engaging professional summary is one of the first things recruiters read on a candidate’s resume.
  • Education Credentials: Recruiters want to know where candidates went to school and how well they did when they were there.
  • Professionalism in the Presentation: An effective, well-organized resume helps recruiters quickly and easily focus on the candidate’s qualifications.
  • Strong Quantitative Accomplishments: Candidates must demonstrate quantifiable accomplishments and results that show how they contributed to the bottom line.
  • Technical/Business Skills: What certifications does the candidate have? If a candidate has a strong skill set in a particular area, make sure the recruiter has the technical details.
  • Stability at a Company (Tenure): Has the candidate job hopped every other year or do they show a consistent track record on tenure? Commitment is important.
  • Summarized Job Descriptions: Rather than providing a bullet list of duties, a candidate should summarize key responsibilities and focus on measurable results.
Top 5 Steps to Recession-Proof Your Resume
NEW YORK, NY – (February 26, 2009) – In this competitive job market, how can you make your resume stand out?, the world’s leading online platform for the $100K+ job market, has asked Wendy Enelow, author of 30+ books on executive resume writing, cover letter writing, and interviewing, for the top 5 tips for writing a recession-proof resume.
As the foremost educator of resume writers in the country, Wendy has developed an exclusive training program for’s professional resume writers. Wendy emphasizes the following 5 steps to give yourself a strong and distinct position in today's remarkably competitive job market:
  1. Sell your success. Resume writing is all about sales, marketing and merchandising. You're the product and the resume is the sales piece that you'll use to merchandise your achievements. Remember, past behavior is indicative of future performance; be certain to showcase your achievements so that prospective employers can read about all of the wonderful things that you'll be doing for them!
  1. Be a specialist; not a generalist. Although you might think a more generalized resume would attract lots of different types of opportunities, the exact opposite is true. Companies want to hire individuals with a specific area of expertise. Don't make a prospective employer have to "dig down" into your resume to find relevant experience. They won't!
  1. Write to the future. When writing your resume, write "to" your objective, showcasing your skills, qualifications, training and achievements that are related to your current career objectives. Don't focus on things that you've done that have nothing to do with your current goals. Re-weight your skills to emphasize those most supportive of your goals and move them to the forefront of your resume.
  1. Brand yourself for competitive distinction. What can you do to distinguish yourself from the crowd of candidates, all with the same skills and qualifications, all vying for the same position? The answer: A branding statement, prominently positioned near the top of your resume, that highlights your unique value proposition; the one thing that you do better than anything else.
  1. Use the right keywords and keyword phrases. In today's electronic job market, chances are your resume is going to be scanned by a computer long before a person ever lays eyes on it. As such, you must be certain that you have the "right" keywords for the position and industry that you are seeking.
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