Singing and Dancing Gwyneth Paltrow to Guest Star on “Glee”

Yet another fantastic guest appearance on the show that everyone seems to want to be a part of -- Gwyneth Paltrow will take her singing and dancing for a rare television appearance on the Fox sensation.

The Oscar-winning actress will show off her chops as a substitute teacher who temporarily takes over the glee club for an ailing Will Schuester (Matthew Morrison).

Gwyneth being Gwyneth, she works her way into the students and Schuester's heart, according to

This will of course cause complications with Morrison's onscreen relationship with Emma (played by Jayma Mays). Oh, the delicious drama.

While the second season kicks off Tuesday, Paltrow's performance will air over two weeks in November.

"Glee" creator Ryan Murphy wrote the part expressly for his friend Paltrow who has shown she has some pipes in the 2000 movie, "Duets." She'll also show some more that, this time with a country twang, as a veteran singer in "Country Strong," due out this winter.

The acquisition just shows the power of the hit show, which has attracted fellow Oscar-winners such as Javier Bardem, to pop-culture goddesses like Britney Spears in guest appearances which should be circled on the Must-Watch calendar.

Neil Patrick Harris's Emmy award-winning guest performances was one of the true highlights of the first season. It had singing, dancing, drama and a wickedly funny storyline that played even stronger than its power ballad ending.

As long as these appearances maintain their quality, and the show continues to burn at this steady heat, expect these great guest spots to continue for some time to come.

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