Silver Spring Teen's Stunning Prom Look Goes Viral

After her prom was canceled, Jasmine Dauphine dressed up for a photoshoot at the Lincoln Memorial

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Jasmine Dauphine's prom was canceled because of the pandemic, but that did not stop her from showing off her look to the world.

Dauphine’s stunning orange dress and golden hairpiece, photographed in front of the Lincoln Memorial, have gotten thousands of likes and shares on social media.

“I am very much in shock. I can’t believe this is happening right now,” 18-year-old Dauphine said.

Dauphine was a senior at James Hubert Blake High School in June. To her disappointment, the prom was canceled.

But such a striking look couldn’t be doomed to the closet.

Dauphine dressed up anyway, then drove to the Lincoln Memorial with her sister.

They took several photos. Then, a random photographer, Isabella Ortiz, snapped the other photos.

Dauphine posted pictures to social media this week.

The tweet reads, “Since no one ever got to see my prom dress [because] of Covid here y’all go.”

The tweet took off, hitting viral fame with more than 40,000 retweets and a half-million likes.

Dauphine was shocked to see the response — she hadn’t expected anything like it.

“It like skyrocketed,” Dauphine said.  “I just couldn’t process it. I think I stared at my phone for like five minutes.”

Did the experience make up for not getting to go to prom?

“It makes things a lot better because I got to share my prom dress with everyone and everyone loved it ... It was such a unique experience,” Dauphine said.

Dauphine said she plans to go to college next year and study video animation.

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