Sign This To Get Rid Of Speed Cameras

With the current economic downturn, Big Brother is once again rearing his ugly head. And it was only a matter of time before there would be some kind of backlash. 

It started on the West Coast with people taking matters involving money-making traffic cameras into their Santa Claus-dressed hands.  Well in true Washington style, there is now an organization called Maryland for Responsible Enforcement.  They are getting signatures for a petition to overturn recently passed legislation by referendum.  The creator and leader is Daniel Zubairi, of Bethesda -- a former Republican Congressional candidate from Montgomery County.

In response to the April 10 passing of Maryland’s new speed-camera legislation, is reporting that:
Organizers of the Maryland effort say they have assembled a broad coalition of residents to support the petition and that they wish to tap public resentment against the additional fees and fines during tough economic times.
"Its a pretty bipartisan approach. We have Democrats supporting us, Republicans, older people, younger people, just folks who think it's wrong to have another tax on driving," said Daniel Zubairi of Bethesda, a former Republican congressional candidate and creator of Maryland for Responsible Enforcement.


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Zubairi needs to get 17,490 signatures by June 1, which will allow the petition to continue on to get the 53,000 signatures required for a referendum on the ballot by June 30 at midnight.
The basic argument for cameras is that they improve safety.  The argument against is that they are another form of taxation and don’t make our roads safer. If you want the details on the Maryland legislation click here.  
To get petition information go to Maryland for Responsible Enforcement.
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