6-Year-Old Moves Into Retirement Community

Senior Living "Expert" Goes to the Source

A northern Virginia man considered an expert on senior living is moving into a retirement community to get a first-hand lesson in aging.

And he's taking his 6-year-old son with him.

Steve Gurney, 43, founded Guide to Retirement Living SourceBook 20 years ago. Naturally, he's ready to retire himself -- at least temporarily.

"What I realized last year was I'm an expert in a field where I've never experienced it myself," he said.

But that's changing this week. Gurney and his son are moving into The Residences at Thomas Circle, a retirement community in northwest Washington, to live for the next seven days.  His son's bringing along his Pokemon cards, perhaps to teach his new neighbors something new.

"I think it's absolutely wonderful," said resident Mary Washington, 83 years young. "I think it's good for the youngsters and it's good for us, too."

The goal of this immersion project is for Gurney and his son to learn from the senior citizens in the community, and the residents expect to teach them a thing or two.

"I've learned a lot more from the people who live here, now, because they've been places I've never been," Washington said. "And it's very important, I think, to stimulate young people."

The residents expect some stimulation in return. They are excited to learn from the whippersnappers, too.

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