Safeway to Plow $100M Into MontCo Store Makeovers

Bethesda, Wheaton among those on the remodeling list

Safeway is going to spend some serious bucks renovating its stores in Montgomery County.

The company announced today that it will invest $100 million to replace smaller, outdated facilities with more modern stores, The Washington Business Journal reported. The stores confirmed for remodeling include:

  • the Bethesda store at 5000 Bradley Blvd.;
  • the Wheaton store at 11201 Georgia Ave.; and,
  • the Olney store at 3333 Spartan Rd.

Damascus, meanwhile, got the special designation of being first for a facelift. (Maybe because it's easier to renovate in the far, far away 'burbs?)

Safeway has 22 stores in Montgomery County, 16 of which have already been remodeled or replaced, including their locales in Kensington, Rockville, Silver Spring and Potomac.

In other words, the remaining six stores are getting a boatload of money plowed into them. (We're not mathematicians, but $100 million divided by six still comes out to a lot by our books.) 

The local renovations are part of the company's larger plan to update its facilities across the country. 

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