RGIII's Redskins Debut Just As Impressive As RGIII's Redskins Debut

I don't mean to stray away from our day-after fawning over Robert Griffin III, but let it be known that he is not the only RGIII to have an impressive outing in his Redskins debut.

See, the other RGIII made his respective debut for Washington in December 2010. Similar to Griffin, who finished with 320 yards, the other RGIII threw for 322. This other RGIII also trumped who we know as RGIII by throwing four touchdowns to the latter's two.

Pretty impressive, no? Well, allow me (on behalf of Deadspin) to introduce you to the other RGIII.

Rex Daniel Grossman III.

That's right. "Sexy Rexy" technically is RGIII.

But since Grossman was inactive Sunday and lost the backup job to rookie Kirk Cousins, none of this actually matters. Carry on with your day.

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