Repair Work Begins at Silver Spring Transit Center

Repair work can finally begin on the Silver Spring Transit Center.

Construction crews were given the final go-ahead Monday morning to begin cutting out large chunks of concrete after permits to begin the work were issued last week.

Structural and design flaws, such as concrete being poured too heavily in some spots, and a need for greater steel support in the roadway have caused the project to be delayed for years.

The downtown transit center was originally meant to provide a connection for buses, Metrorail and taxis. Elected officials have not announced a clear timetable for when the building will open.

The project is millions of dollars over budget, according to News4 transportation reporter Adam Tuss.

Frustrated residents have questioned the transit center's safety and have expressed sadness and doubt in the reliability of Silver Spring officials.

In 2008, the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority agreed to take over the center when it is completed, but it backed away from that offer earlier this spring.


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