Redskins Drop Third Straight, Fall To 3-8 In 27-6 Loss To 49ers

Do me a favor, won't you? If it's not too much trouble, of course.

Walk into your kitchen. Open the silverware drawer and grab a fork (a spork will suffice if available). Find the nearest piece of Redskins paraphernalia and stick the fork in it. Because they're done.

Colin Kaepernick threw for three touchdowns and Robert Griffin III did not as the San Francisco 49ers handed the Redskins their third straight loss and fourth in their last five games in a 27-6 victory.

I'll spare you the painful details because quite frankly, some of you subjected yourselves to actually watching this game -- including some who did so outside -- which is punishment enough. Here is all you need to know:

Until now. 

It seems like only yesterday that we had high hopes for these Redskins, but then we remembered that they are the Redskins and that we cannot have nice things. 

At 3-8, the only thing left to do is play out the string. Mercifully, Washington only has five games left, the first of which is next Sunday evening against the New York Giants. 

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