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DC-Area Airports Cancel Flights After FAA Grounds Boeing 737 Max 8

Some travelers heading out of D.C. airports may be forced to rebook their flights as airlines scramble to reroute planes to make up for the grounding of dozens of Boeing 737-8 and 9 jets.

After President Trump announced the U.S. would ground Boeing 737 Max 8 and 9 jets following the Ethiopia crash that killed 157, the impact is rippling through airports around the country.

Eighty school children and their chaperones were forced to rebook a flight from Reagan Airport on Wednesday night, News4 partner WTOP reports.

“We’re kind of relieved,” Chaperone Otilia Gallo said. WTOP said the group was working with the airline to rebook or find hotels for the night.

American Airlines was forced to cancel a Thursday morning flight from Reagan National Airport to Miami, the hub where the airline flies Boeing 737 Max 8 and 9 most often.

About 85 flights of American's 6,700 daily routes will be canceled, and a spokesperson for the airline says they are working to reroute planes to avoid cancelations.

The spokesperson was not able to say how many more flights could be canceled. Any passengers on affected flights will be rebooked.

Southwest Airlines also reported one cancelation of a Boeing 737-8 Flight from Dulles to Denver but has not yet confirmed weather bad weather in Colorado had an impact. That airline flies the most Boeing 737-8 planes and has also reported cancelations at BWI.

Southwest Airlines did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Airports urge customers on a number of Boeing 737 flights to contact the airlines.

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