Prince George's County

Anti-Semitic Fliers Left on Bowie Driveways

Police said they stepped up patrols in the area "as a precaution."

NBC Washington

Some Prince George’s County residents made a disturbing discovery Saturday when they realized that anti-Semitic fliers had been tossed in people’s driveways.

The fliers were distributed in Bowie along Crosswick Turn and prompted a police response. 

“At approximately 10:20 AM, the Bowie Police Department responded to Crosswick Turn for the report of political propaganda material being left in residents' driveways,” police said in a statement. “Once on scene, officers observed cards with anti-Semitic and political propaganda placed in plastic bags, weighted down with corn, throughout many driveways.”

One resident, who did not want to reveal her name, said she was on a walk when she found one of the bags. 

“And I picked it up and I saw the headline, and you sort of react like you’re touching something gross,” she said.  

She said the neighborhood is diverse and never expected to find such a hateful message there.

“There’s somebody here who’s doing this, who went through a lot of trouble to make these fliers and package them and drive around. And that’s a lot of energy to put into hate,” the woman said.  

The Bowie Police Department said it was investigating the incidents. It said so far, it does not appear that the fliers were any type of criminal violation. The department is, however, working to figure out if they are linked to similar situations that have happened before.

Officers cleared the area shortly after 11 a.m., police said. 

Over in Leesburg, hateful fliers have become an annual occurrence. KKK recruitment notes have been tossed at people’s houses in recent years, often around Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Those fliers have also come in Ziploc bags, weighed down with candy. 

Back in Bowie, police said they stepped up patrols in the area. 

As for the woman who found the flier, she said she and her neighbors will continue to speak out against racism, whenever needed.

“The fight is never gonna be over and we’re always on the front lines, and we’ve just gotta keep fighting,” she said.

Police are also asking residents to check their security cameras in case anyone has video of the people behind the hateful propaganda. Authorities are asking people who received fliers to call them at 240-544-5700.

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