Prince George's County Shuts Down Strip Clubs

County Uses Zoning Laws to Close Strip Clubs

A dozen strip clubs in Prince George's County are being forced to close their doors after a yearlong battle between the county and the businesses.

For years, Bryan Harrod lived less than a block from the Irving’s, a strip club licensed as a banquet hall.

“We’re right here. We’re right here. It’s an eye sore for me,” Harrod said. “There was a lot of unnecessary people coming through.”

Last Friday, Irving’s was ordered to cease and desist by court order, along with 11 other clubs in Prince George’s County. The orders were sought by the county’s Department of Permits and Inspections.

“The cease and desist means they have one week from last Friday, so it will be April 8,” said Susan Hubbard, a spokesperson for the department. “The mandatory closings come after a yearlong battle with the establishments. County officials are using violations of zoning laws to close the doors of the adult clubs that some residents consider to be nuisances.”

“Folks who live in these neighborhoods don’t want the added traffic,” she said. “They don’t want the noise they generate, and they don’t want that type of establishment in a community.”

County officials said the clubs need to be located in light industrial or warehouse districts only. After a year of fighting the establishments in court, the county won late last week.

“The courts certainly came down in favor of the county, and we are trying to close those types of establishments and have been trying to close those kinds of establishments, especially in residential areas,” said Hubbard.

“It’s a business for some. Ok, I understand everybody has to make money,” Harrod said. “I just think it should be not in a residential area. Take it somewhere else.”

Some of the establishments, like Irving’s, stopped operating as a strip club. The county expects some of the owners to appeal.

News4 tried contacting the attorney representing 11 of the 12 clubs that were closed. He did not return calls.

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