Prince George's County Reduces Trash Pickup to Once Per Week

What to Know

  • More county residents have been recycling instead of trashing everything.
  • The county has an address lookup tool to help people find out when is their day for pickup.
  • Residents will get a new 64-gallon wheeled toter.

Some people in Prince George's County are complaining about how the county reduced trash pickup days from two days to one.

According to an internal study, the county found fewer residents were utilizing the twice-a-week collection since they started their recycling program in the 1990s.

“County residents are using their blue recycling containers more and trashing less,” says Department of the Environment Director Adam Ortiz. “So, it’s good policy to make the switch now that residents are doing their part in helping the county reach its zero waste goals.”

The change happened at the beginning of the month. Some said their trash has not been picked up, or they don't know their new trash pick-up day. County officials said, in some instances, trash collectors have been making mistakes, but they want residents to let them know if the trash truck misses their home.

They are providing an address lookup tool to help residents know which day their trash is supposed to be collected. Residents can also call 311 to let the county know about any trash pickup problems.

All residents receiving county-contracted trash and recycling collection services will receive one, wheeled 64-gallon toter at no additional cost.

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