“Potomac Secret Agent” Warns Drivers About Speed Cams

POTOMAC, Md. -- Possibly inspired by the Indy 500, a traffic vigilante -- and licensed real estate broker -- who goes by the handle "Potomac Secret Agent" posted signs warning drivers about five speed cameras in Potomac over the weekend, the Gazette reported.

Montgomery County regulates "Photo Enforced" signs, but PSA placed red, 18-by-24 inch signs with various messages alerting drivers to speed cameras at Oaklyn Drive, River Road, Tuckerman Lane, Seven Locks Road and Wootton Parkway, according to the Gazette.

Whoever PSA is, he has a spokesman named Gerry Dunn, though the way Dunn talks about PSA's positions with such command, we wonder if PSA has a spokesman named Gerry Dunn the same way Batman knew a millionaire named Bruce Wayne, Spider-Man had a personal photographer named Peter Parker and Superman was covered by a reporter named Clark Kent.

Dunn told the Gazette that the signs are a "form of civil disobedience, designed to raise awareness of the county's speed camera program and to call for more discussion of the program in a public forum."

PSA supports the cameras in areas with a lot of pedestrians or near schools, but as for widespread, round-the-clock use, he wants speed cameras put to a referendum, Dunn said.

The speed cameras are an open program, Montgomery County Police Department spokesman Lt. Paul Starks argued, and county residents are kept well-informed about the cameras through informational meetings and announcements prior to installation and warning citations for a while after installation. 

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