Possible Rabies Exposure at Ravens Game

Fans of the Baltimore Ravens may have been exposed to rabies during a recent game, officials say.

A bat reportedly landed on a person in the stands at M&T Bank Stadium during an August 17 game versus the Detroit Lions.

The attendee brushed the bat away, and authorities were unable to capture it for testing. The Maryland Department of Health is urging anyone who may have come into contact with a bat at the game to contact their local health department.

Rabies can change animal behavior, officials said in a release. Wild animals may be friendlier, and pets or domestic animals may become aggressive. The Maryland health department offers the following tips to avoid exposure to rabies:

  • Have your dogs, cats, ferrets, and livestock vaccinated against rabies
  • Keep your pet under your control at all times, especially when traveling
  • Enjoy wildlife from a distance and do not feed wildlife 
  • Avoid sick animals and any that are acting in an unusual manner
  • Cover garbage cans securely and do not leave pet food outside
  • Do not relocate wildlife
  • Prevent bats from entering your home. If you find a bat in your home, do not touch it.  Only let it go if you are sure no people or household pets have had any contact with it.  If it is alive, you can catch it by placing a small box, bowl, or can over the bat once it has landed to roost, and then slide a piece of cardboard under the container to trap the bat inside.  Tape the cardboard to the container and contact your local health department or animal control agency.
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