Police Warn of Cheese Heads, Terrible Towels While Driving

Will also step up patrols to combat drunk driving

At NBCWashington, we receive a lot of press releases from local police departments about sobriety checkpoints, drunk driving patrols, etc. They are especially common around big time party events, like the Super Bowl. But this year’s release from Maryland State Police, invoked a little humor in honor of the big game.

While primarily focusing on drunk driving, Maryland State Police also want you to know that waving a “terrible towel” or driving with cheese on your head are unsafe. Now chances are that when the police catch drivers doing either one of these things, they are probably already drunk.

But the spirit of the game and enthusiasm could lead to some bad decisions, which according to law enforcement could include hats made of dairy products or overly forceful linen waving without any alcohol involved.

Of course, drunk driving is no joke. Beer and football are almost synonymous. But the police aren’t asking you not to drink. They are just asking you not to drive after you enjoy your beverage.

Virginia State Police will have increased patrols on state highways starting at 8:00 p.m. Sunday and will continue the enforcement through 4:00 a.m. Monday. In Maryland, special drunk driving task forces are being deployed from all 22 state barracks to keep an eye on drunk drivers.

So enjoy the game, the commercials and the festivities, but party responsibly. And careful where you wave that towel and wear that cheese.

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