Police: Stay Wary of Police Impersonators

After several cases in Virginia of people impersonating police officers, police are advising drivers to stay wary.

Late last week, police charged Sherif Ahmad, of Fairfax, with impersonating an officer and trying to pull drivers over on busy I-66 -- even driving a Chevy Impala with red and blue lights.

In Fairfax, Mark Holt pleaded guilty in June 2014 to carrying a fictitious ID after he tried to pull over an off-duty cop -- and police found he was carrying fake federal badges. He'll be sentenced next month.

And in Arlington, officers are still looking for a man is said to have tried luring women into his car last October.

Virginia State Police say they know these impersonators are out there, and they suggest drivers who are suspicious to slow down their driving and check with dispatchers. "Nothing says you can’t call 911 or #77 and talk to the dispatcher and verify," said Trooper Zaryab Zahid.

If you are pulled over, police say:

  • Pull over in a well-lit parking lot with your flashers on.
  • Ask for the officer's ID or credentials; officers are required to carry them.
  • Call 911, or #77 if it's Virginia State Police, to have the dispatcher verify.
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