Police Shoot Gunman Near Safeway in Northwest D.C.

Witnesses, police say man was firing gun

A gunman caused a frantic scene in the Petworth neighborhood in northwest Washington Wednesday afternoon.

A gunman walked up the 3800 block of Georgia Avenue NW shooting wildly, according to police and witnesses. He shot at a Metrobus, at a Safeway, into the air and at the ground.

“Just like bang, bang, bang a bunch of times,” witness Jazmin Lopez said. “I’m like, Ah, it’s just construction. Whatever. And then all I see is people running, dropping their grocery bags.”

Witnesses ran into the Safeway and told an officer about the gunman. The officer ordered the man to drop the gun, a witness told News4.

“The guy shot, and then the police fired back,” witness Yvette Marr said.

The gunman was taken to a hospital for surgery.

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