Plans for Georgetown Bowling Alley Worry Neighbors

Some upscale condo owners are worried about plans for a new bowling and party space in the heart of Georgetown.

The old Georgetown Park shopping center is being gutted and remodeled. Residents of about 100 expensive condos above the work don't like the noise but are even more worried about what's to come: A 10-lane, upscale bowling alley with dining and special events space that could draw hundreds of customers per day.

“A lot of our residents are strongly against the idea, and partly because in the past we had noise issues with the mall,” condo owner Rebecca Xia said.

The residents worry despite being told that bowling noise will be insulated from homeowners, Xia said.

“If we come in with a business, restaurant, with all the alcohol, bowling and parties until midnight or even later than that, it's really a huge concern,” Xia said. “After work we want to enjoy the quiet neighborhood.”

Ron Lewis, chairman of the local advisory neighborhood commission, said the development faces a mandatory rezoning hearing later this month. Any new development must fit with the people who already live there, he said.

”I hope they can make it work, but the residents come first and the zoning laws protect them,” he said.

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