Photos Released of Chris Brown, Alleged Assault Victim

News4 has obtained photos of singer Chris Brown and his alleged victim following an assault in D.C. last fall.

Both Brown and his bodyguard Christopher Hollosy were arrested after they were accused of punching a man outside the W Hotel near the White House in the early-morning hours of Oct. 27.

One photo of the alleged victim shows blood dripping from his nose and more blood on his chin. Another photo shows the man's blood-stained shirt.

Brown's trial was delayed after Hollosy decided not to testify out of fear of self-incrimination as he appeals his own conviction. News4 Washington's Richard Jordan says no specific date has been set for Brown's trial, but it could begin roughly six months from now.

Hollosy was convicted of assault last month in a separate trial and is scheduled to be sentenced June 25.

Prosecutors in D.C. say they would not be inclined to give Hollosy immunity if he testifies during Brown's trial out of concern that he may lie.

Hollosy told police that he punched the 20-year-old Beltsville, Md., man after he tried to get on Brown's tour bus. But the man told police both men punched him after he tried to get in a photo Brown was taking with the man's girlfriend and another female friend.

Among the photos that News4 has obtained, one includes an image of Brown with two women.

A limo driver who witnessed the incident testified during Hollosy's trial that he saw Brown throw a punch that grazed the victim's shoulder. He said he then saw Hollosy throw a punch that resulted in blood.

Court papers say the victim's nose was fractured. Brown has denied hitting the man.

A guilty verdict for the Grammy winner could have significant repercussions. Besides jail time in D.C., he could face additional penalties, including jail time in California.

At the time he was arrested in D.C., Brown was on probation in Los Angeles for an attack on his then-girlfriend, the singer Rihanna, in 2009. His probation was revoked, and he was ordered to rehab for anger management but was discharged in March for a rules violation. He was then arrested and held in an L.A. jail until U.S. marshals took him into custody and brought him to D.C. for trial in the 2013 assault case.

A civil case is also in the works. The victim is suing for $3 million for doctors' bills, pain and suffering.

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