Philly Doc Charged in Virginia Woman's Death

A Philadelphia doctor accused of illegal late-term abortions has been charged in the 2009 death of a Virginia woman.

Karnamaya Mongar and her family were political refugees from Bhutan, living in a camp in Nepal for 18 years. Six months after she settled down in Woodbridge, Mongar died when she allegedly was given an overdose of pain medication at Women's Medical Society Clinic, where illegal abortions have also resulted in the deaths of seven babies, authorities said.

Dr. Kermit Gosnell, 69, is charged with third-degree murder in Mongar's death.

Not long after her family arrived in the U.S., Mongar learned she was pregnant and was referred to the Philadelphia clinic. Her family’s attorney said after the procedure, Mongar was given a massive overdose of sedatives and pain medication, which was administered by an unlicensed  staffer who was getting instructions from Dr. Gosnell over the phone.

Attorney Bernie Smalley is representing Mongar’s family in a civil lawsuit against the clinic. Eight of Gosnell’s employees also face charges, including his wife, who doesn’t have a medical license but is accused of performing late-term abortions herself.

Licensing officials had received complaints about Gosnell for two decades but had never acted.

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