Pet Snake Blamed for Owner's Death

Police think python strangled woman

A 25-year-old woman may have been killed by her pet snake, Virginia Beach authorities said Thursday.

On Oct. 21, police got a call from the husband of 25-year-old Amanda Ruth Black . He found his wife dead in their bedroom in front of their pet's cage. The 13-foot-long reticulated tiger python was gone.

Animal control officers who later arrived on the scene found the python, which they said was extremely agitated, in the bedroom. It took two officers to restrain it.

Black was strangled to death, according to investigators' initial reports. They believe the python overpowered the victim as she was trying to give it some medicine.

The snake was put in the custody of the Bureau of Animal Control. Police were still waiting for the results of a medical examiner's report in the investigation Thursday night.

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