Teen Slashed on Metrobus at George Washington University

17-year-old in altercation with 44-year-old

A teen was slashed on a Metrobus on the campus of the George Washington University around noon Wednesday.

The Route 80 bus was at the intersection of 21st and F streets NW when two passengers were involved in an altercation. Richard Walker and his mother said a 44-year-old casual acquaintance of the woman began harassing her when she boarded the bus.

"I told him, 'Leave my mom alone. Don't talk to her like that,'" Walker said. "He got rowdy with me, so I jumped up, and he pushed me, so we started fighting, and I guess he pulled a razor out and cut me."

Walker, 17, was slashed twice in the upper body.

The culprit ran west on F Street NW. Metro described him as a black man with a dark complexion, in his early to mid-40s, 5-foot-3 and bald, wearing a purple shirt with white horizontal stripes.

Video cameras on the bus recorded the incident.

It doesn't appear that any GW students were involved.

Walker was taken to an area hospital but refused treatment and went back to the scene to find his mother.

"I'm glad I'm the one that got cut and not my mama," Walker said.

He later returned to the hospital for treatment with his mother.

Walker recently graduated from high school in South Carolina, where he lived with his father. He moved to the area about a month ago to help take care of his mother and go to Maryland. His mother has diabetes and cancer.

D.C. Police and D.C. Fire and EMS responded to the scene. Metro Police are also investigating. They ask anyone with information to call them at 202-962-2121, or simply dial 911.

A similar incident occurred Sunday when one Metrobus passenger stabbed another.

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