Pepco Refutes Flawed Meters Report

OPC accused utility of over-billing

WASHINGTON -- Pepco denied allegations that faulty meters led to over-billing and wants to see the evidence.

The utility said the Office of the People's Counsel's charges are unsubstantiated.

The OPC filed a complaint about over-billing with the D.C. Public Service Commission. Pepco asked the OPC to provide the data used to make the allegation.

Results of the meter testing are provided to the Public Service Commission every year, according to Pepco, and people with concerns about their electric bills should call Pepco's customer service line for an immediate review of the bill.

The OPC had told the Public Service Commission that about 400 complaints were received from customers whose bills increased and that 70 percent of the high bills resulted from recorded increased consumption.

Pepco said only two of the questioned accounts may have had actual meter issues. The utility attributed higher bills to a cold winter, long billing cycles because of holidays, increased customer usage and higher electricity generation rates.

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