Pepco Offers DC Residents Cheap Bulbs

Discounts are at Home Depot, True Value

Pepco has a bright idea:  Offer discounts on light bulbs that use less energy.

District residents now can get a discount on compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) when they buy them at certain D.C. stores.

Customers can get a $1.50 discount on the single curly bulbs and $3 off multi-packs at The Home Depot and True Value Hardware. Pepco said more stores will join the program later this summer, including Rite Aid, ACE Hardware, CVS, Giant Food and Safeway stores.

Pepco currently offers a similar program in Maryland, spokesman Bob Dobkin said. He said the program has been going on for more than a year. Dobkin said D.C. residents won't have to show proof of residence.

The bulbs are just the first step in helping D.C. residents cut back on their impact on the environment. Pepco said a second phase of the program will offer rebates on selected high-energy-efficient appliances like window air conditioners, refrigerators and electric water heaters.

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