Parents Forced Boy to Kneel on Sharp Objects, Burn Hands on Stove: Police

A mother and father in Prince William County forced their 10-year-old son to kneel on sharp objects for extended periods of time and burn his hands on a hot stove, police say.

Walter Enrique Flores-Chiquillo, 35, and Barbara Margarita Ramirez Del Cid, 28, have been arrested and charged with felony child abuse, according to Prince William County police.

The couple's son knocked on someone's front door in the 12700 block of Aden Road in Nokesville, Virginia, asking for food on Tuesday afternoon, police said.

The boy appeared to be suffering from injuries and his clothes were dirty and in disrepair, police said. After investigating, police determined the boy lived with Flores-Chiquillo and Ramirez Del Cid in the 12800 block of LeMaster Drive. Officers searched the home and collected evidence of child abuse, police said.

Child Protective Services is caring for the boy and he was taken to a local hospital to be treated for his injuries, police said.

Flores-Chiquillo and Ramirez Del Cid are being held without bond and additional charges are pending.

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