Owen Wilson Joins the Nats

Stephen Strasburg is the hottest pitcher in the Nationals' lineup. But how long is that going to last? Maybe not past this December, when Owen Wilson joins the Nationals.

Wilson stars alongside Reese Witherspoon and Paul Rudd in How Do You Know, a romantic comedy set in D.C. As you might guess with a film set in the District, it centers around a federal investigation, specifically one targeting the character played by Rudd. But the film also spends some time at Nationals Ballpark -- where Wilson plays a Nats pitcher. Witherspoon plays the woman in a shapeless blue sweater torn between them.

This movie may be the biggest baseball romcom since Bull Durham -- maybe even bigger. And its taping was definitely a sensation in D.C. last summer, in particular when Witherspoon, Rudd and Wilson descended on Adams Morgan for filming. Plus, the movie's got Jack Nicholson and Simpsons-writer James L. Brooks. Note, too, a cameo from Domenick Lombardozzi, who played Herc on The Wire.

How can you know whether How Do You Know will be any good? You can see it on December 17 in theaters. Here's the trailer.

'How Do You Know' Theatrical Trailer @ Yahoo! Video

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