Our Cup Runneth Over

The fountain has overflowed twice this week

Matt Glassman

With crisp autumnal weather in the air, brunch lines out the door, and kickoff still an hour away, there is not a better way to spend a late Sunday morning than by posting up in Dupont Circle.

But on this Sunday morning, Dupont was having none of it. The fountain at the heart of the circle is overflowing, sending streams of water down the steps and sidewalks.

The fountain in Dupont Circle has overflowed at least twice this week. Water from the fountain was streaming into the streets of the traffic circle this morning. Drivers are splashing through water, despite the fact there isn't a cloud in the sky.

National Capital Region of the National Park Service spokesman Bill Line said that Dupont Circle has some plumbing problems.

He said that maintenance staff are aware of the concern. They have not yet identified the source of the problem. Line also said that the Park Service would have discussions with D.C. Water, but a spokesperson for D.C. Water said that no one had yet reported  the problem.

Maintenance staff for the National Mall and memorials are responsible for the plumbing, electric and other upkeep maintenance tasks for the historic traffic circle. Until they fix whatever's causing the problem, people-watching in Dupont could be spotty.

The fountain was erected in 1921 to replace a statue that stood in the traffic circle since 1884. The fountain was made by sculptor Daniel Chester French and architect Henry Bacon, who co-created the Lincoln Memorial.

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