Only 27% of 911 Calls Go Through in Metrorail System

The chances of completing a 911 call while on a Metro train is a little more than 25 percent, according to a new safety report.

At a meeting on safety improvements, officials told the Metro Board emergency communication for first responders is better than earlier this year – more than 90 percent -- but estimates of improving routine 911 service over five years is too long.

“Five years to get cell service implemented in the tunnels is frankly unacceptable,” Prince George’s County Fire and EMS Chief Marc Bashoor said.

The concern is only about 27 percent of 911 calls from passengers get through because of audio blind spots and inefficient equipment.

“That system is old, and it is probably degenerated in its quality and efficiency,” Fairfax County 911 Director Steve Sudor said.

The Metro Board is struggling to address this and a mix of issues while it searches for a new general manager.

One new board member from the district expressed the frustration of many.

“All we do is provide lip service and we get report after report,” Corbett Price said. “Now is the time for us to start taking some steps to truly bring about some improvement. A general manager, the new general manager, will not be the panacea for anything.”

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