Investigation: Officer Improperly Used Siren, Lights on Way to Crash

An investigation revealed a Prince George's County officer responding to a non-life threatening accident should not have used his siren and lights. He struck and killed another driver on his way to that crash.

James Toliver

Following a fatal crash last month in Bowie, officials now say a police officer improperly used his siren and lights while en route to a separate, minor accident.

Cpl. Michael Mogavero, a 9-year veteran of Prince George's County Police, was on his way to a minor accident during the early morning hours June 12 involving a fellow county officer when he crashed into the driver's side of James Dejay Toliver's car.

Toliver, 32, was killed in the accident. at the intersection of Route 197 and London Lane, north of Route 50.

Officials now say Mogavero did not need to use his siren and lights on his way to the minor accident. It is still unknown how fast he was going at the time.

Investigators had problems retrieving video from Mogavero's car's dashboard camera.

The Washington Post reports the unit has been removed from the car and shipped to the menufacturer.

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