Customers Say They Are Trying to Get Their Furniture Back After Virginia Storage Company Permanently Closes

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Customers of a Virginia storage company say it recently closed and they haven’t received their furniture back.

Darrin Stewart of Rockville, Maryland, said Two Marines Moving in Alexandria has his furniture. He was scheduled to get it back two days ago but said no one from the company has returned his calls.

About a week ago, he found a letter on the company’s door saying the company was permanently closed.

“Just have had no response on anything, including the ability to access my stuff and get certain things out,” he said.

Joe Hennessy is from D.C. but is temporarily in Arizona. He hired Two Marines Moving to store his furniture in Alexandria while he’s gone. 

“It is locked, and no one can get in,” Hennessy said.

“I’m still paying for this service,” he said. “So, yeah, it’s unsettling.”

Owner Nick Baucom posted a statement on Facebook four days ago, reading in part, “I owe many people an apology. I have taken actions that I deeply regret in the past … My behavior will be radically different going forward.”

He also wrote that recently he’d been unable to meet payroll and he’s selling his home to raise the money.

Baucom also wrote his clients’ items are secure and they’ll have full access in the future, but he didn’t give a timeline for when that will happen. 

Hennessy said he wanted to move back to D.C. next week.

“Now my plans are delayed, because I need my stuff,” he said.

An employee at Two Marines Moving said Tuesday they are making arrangements to get all customers taken care of.

Customers who may be affected can file a complaint with the Virginia attorney general’s consumer protection section.

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