Niccolo Manzanero Gets 25 Years in Brutal Beating in Bethesda Parking Garage

A judge sentenced a man to 25 years behind bars for brutally beating a man inside a Bethesda parking garage last year.

Video showed Niccolo Manzanero, 33, repeatedly stomping on a 33-year-old Rockville man's head after other attackers stopped beating him in the garage on St. Elmo Avenue April 26, 2013.

A passerby, Dylan Rawls, intervened to save the victim.

"I just ran up and put my hands up and said, 'Stop, this guy's unconscious, the fight's over,'" Rawls said. 

The victim survived, but his eye sockets were crushed and he needed a metal plate to repair the damage to his skull. In court, prosecutors played a cell phone video of Manzanero in a similar beating and stomping incident. They also played a phone call Manzanero made to a friend from jail laughing about the fights he got into regularly.

"You've been getting into *** almost every other weekend," his friend said.

"But I haven't been arrested, know what I'm saying," Manzanero is heard saying.

Manzanero was sentenced to 30 years with 5 years suspended pending good behavior. During the sentencing, the judge bluntly told Manzanero, "You have no regard for human life ... You are a danger to the community."

"I think the sentence is ridiculous," Manzanero's friend Jose Lacy said, referencing his Manzanero's addiction to alcohol.

Manzanero apologized to the victim and his family during the hearing.

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