New Payoff Allegations in Haynesworth Case

According to a new government filing, Albert Haynesworth, through his attorney, tried to influence the outcome of a misdemeanor sex abuse case by offering the complaining witness money, News4's Pat Collins reported.

This filing comes just days after Haynesworth's lawyer filed papers saying someone offered a prosecution witness $50,000 for testimony against the former Washington Redskins defensive lineman.

Thursday's government filing disputes Haynesworth's lawyer's account of the $50,000 offer and accuses him of offering the complaining witness money for her assistance getting the case dropped.

Haynesworth's lawyer, A. Scott Bolden, categorically denies any payoff attempt, Collins reported.

Haynesworth is accused of sliding his credit card into a waitress's bra and touching her breast last February at the upscale W Hotel. The waitress had her hands full with glasses when Haynesworth tried to pay the bill, according to the police report. He asked if he could put his credit card in her blouse and she said yes. But the waitress alleged that Haynesworth went further by sticking his hand down her shirt, asking if that was OK and fondling her though she told him it wasn't OK.

Bolden has said the incident didn't take place.

Earlier this week, Bolden said a private investigator was told by a bouncer at the W Hotel that he was offered $50,000 on behalf of a person who he believed was the waitress.

“It was a W employee who says that he was approached by someone connected to the complaining witness,” Bolden told News4's Chris Gordon. “An offer of money was made in exchange for his testimony. The only reason you would make such an offer is because you’re concerned about that witness’s testimony, and that same witness says that the contact between the parties was consensual that night.”

According to the prosecution's motion Thursday, the defense said the person making the offer was introduced to the bouncer by the waitress. The prosecution contends the bouncer said he assumed the person was acting on behalf of the waitress because the waitress's attorney was at the hotel that day, but the person never mentioned the waitress by name.

If the defense's story about the $50,000 offer is allowed into evidence, the government should be able to rebut with "concrete" evidence of monetary offers made by Haynesworth's defense to the waitress's lawyer if the waitress would urge the government to dismiss the case, the prosecutions motion states. 

The Redskins traded Haynesworth last month to the New England Patriots after his season-long feud with Redskins coach Mike Shanahan.

Haynesworth is due to stand trial Aug. 23 in D.C.

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