Bus System Proposed for Route 7 to Lessen Northern Virginia Traffic

A new bus system is being proposed in northern Virginia to help alleviate traffic between Tyson’s Corner and Alexandria along Route 7.

It would be an 11-mile network of fast moving buses with their own lanes and stations, similar to the system along the Route 1 corridor between Arlington and Alexandria. Traffic projections for the future predict 10,000 new commuters a day could use the system.

“I think we want to make the road far more usable for far more people and that’s what this project is all about,” said David Snyder, a Falls Church city councilman. “It’ll really link that whole part of northern Virginia together in a way that the Purple Line is intended to do in Maryland.”

Buses were selected for the project to make it flexible and help it navigate the landscape along Route 7. While commuters agree something needs to be done along the Route 7 corridor, some said more buses aren’t the answer.

“I live in Alexandria where they put in those bus lanes going through Route 1,” said commuter Erin Fegely. “It’s totally clogged up Potomac Yard, so I’m not in favor of that kind of thing.”

“I don’t know where the bus route would be,” said driver Myrna Rasnick. “If it is on Route 7, it would create more traffic.”

The public is getting a chance to weigh in and fine tune the project. After that, it is up to planners to find the money to pay for it and get it built.

The Northern Virginia Transportation Commission will consider public comment prior to voting on the Route 7 recommendations at its July meeting.

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