NBC4 Responds: Call With a Consumer Question, We'll Call Back With an Answer

News4 launched a new consumer initiative Thursday based on one simple promise: You call us with a consumer question, and we'll call you back with an answer.

NBC4 Responds continues News4 commitment of Working 4 You.

NBC4 Responds will listen to your complaint and contact the company on your behalf.

News4 gets many requests for help, and not every one will turn into a story, but every request will be heard.

The NBC4 Responds Consumer Investigative Center has a fulltime staff and will respond to every consumer problem, phone or email. NBC4 Responds will always get back to you with answers.

“They actually get to talk to someone,” Consumer Investigative Center Manager Sarah Garza said. “We might not be able to solve their problem, but we can at least listen to them and find out what it is that’s going on, then maybe direct them to somebody who can help them or we can take it on ourselves or send it your way for a story.”

By the time consumers contact NBC4 Responds, they have already exhausted every resource or been referred to agencies that can't or won't help. That's not what consumers will get when they contact NBC4 Responds.

“It's kind of like when they've talked to managers, when they've talked to the people in customer service, and they're getting nowhere, they come to us, and we try to cut through whatever red tape they're stuck in and get them some sort of solution,” Garza said.

So if you have a consumer complaint call NBC4 Responds toll free at 844-NBC-DC44 or submit your complaint here.

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