Navy Airman Surprises Younger Siblings at School

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A Navy Airman returned home and surprised his little brother and sister at school this Valentine's Day.

LaBaron Bass calls himself a role model to his brother, Rahsaan Sanders. He surprised the fifth grader in class at Berry Elementary School in Waldorf, Maryland.

“To be able to come here and surprise him after so long, it’s something that I’ve always wanted to do,” Bass said.

Then the two went to Davis Middle School to surprise their sister. When Bass walked into Sasha’s math class, the moment of realization made her jaw drop.

Bass' mom, Mary Sanders, was the master planner behind the surprises. She’s had to keep it a secret since November. She said she’s so grateful he’s  back after joining the Navy.

“Made me really proud that he wanted to serve his country and do something better for himself,” Sanders said.

Bass will be home with his family until the end of March. What makes this reunion even more special, his mother just celebrated her birthday and his is coming up soon. The four said they are overwhelmed with joy to all be together.

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