Naked Man's Suspicious Package Causes Scene

Secret Service chases after man, ending 60-second nude jaunt

The Secret Service has had its hands full while juggling all those uninvited guests who seem to turn up at the White House. But they were adequately prepared for an eyesore of a security scare that turned up during the Wednesday evening rush.

A man showed up, took off his clothes and started running up and down E Street, according to the Washington Post.

The man apparently found his jog invigorating, despite the 25-degree windchill. He continued running down the street as the Secret Service and D.C. Police chased after him.

"He wasn't yelling or protesting. Just going for a jog," Malcolm Wiley, a Secret Service spokesman, told the Post.

Eventually officers caught up to the naked man, but his run caused another small problem. He had left his clothes in a bag near 15th and E Streets. The bag was unattended, so it had to be classified as a suspicious package.

The Secret Service blocked off the area to make sure the discarded clothes were the only thing inside.

Officers gave the all-clear and took the naked man into custody. He hasn't been charged.

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