Morning Read: Maryland Tops Nation In Number Of Students Who Passed An AP Exam

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Maryland had the highest percentage of students pass an Advanced Placement test in 2012 of any other state in the nation. This is the seventh straight year the state has topped the list.

Among seniors in the class of 2012, 29.6 percent passed an AP exam - a slight increase from 27.9 percent in 2011.

Also, 11.4 percent of black students in Maryland who took an AP exam passed. That percentage is one of the highest in the nation. D.C. had the largest proportion of black students taking the test (65.9 percent of test takers in the District were black students) and the highest percentage of black students who passed. (41.9 percent passed)

But overall, the District placed near the bottom of the list, with only 9.9 percent of seniors passing an AP exam.

Virginia fared well overall, ranking fifth in the nation with 27.2 percent of seniors passing AP exams.

Read College Board's full report here.


* The Virginia House passed the repeal of the longstanding “lewd and lascivious” cohabitation bill, making it (almost) officially legal for unmarried couples to live together in the state. Twenty-five representatives voted against the repeal. (

* The Virginia House passed a strict photo ID bill that would go into effect after July 1, 2014 and would require all Virginians to present a photo ID in order to vote. Opponents of the bill argue that it is a form of voter oppression. (Roanoke Times)

* Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling is free at last to speak his mind (Washington Post)

* D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray says he will "have to weigh the benefits to the people of our city," before considering another bid to host the Olympic Games. D.C. would likely make the bid with Baltimore if they decide to apply. (WTOP)

* A poll commissioned by Marylanders to Prevent Gun Violence found that 80 percent of Maryland voters support requiring residents to obtain a license before purchasing a handgun. Sixty-four percent of Republicans support it. (Washington Times)

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* Arlington County’s proposed $1 billion budget would raise property taxes 3.2 cents per $1,000 of assessed real estate value. (Washington Examiner)

* The Virginia transportation funding compromise offered Wednesday would convert the current 17.5 cent per gallon gas tax to a sales tax paid by fuel wholesalers. In exchange for less gas tax revenue, the proposal calls for increasing the state's sales tax by 0.3 percentage points. (Virginian-Pilot)

* Gov. Bob McDonnell's proposal to mandate a state takeover of failing public schools won final passage Wednesday in the General Assembly. It was easily approved in the House largely along party lines, and previously won in the Senate with Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling’s tiebreaker vote. (Virginian-Pilot)

* The Maryland House of Delegates gave preliminary approval to Gov. O’Malley’s proposal to foster development of an offshore wind industry off Ocean City. (Baltimore Sun)

* 186 companies announced plans to expand or relocate in Fairfax County last year, which could result in the creation of more than 8,400 jobs. (Virginia Business Journal)

* Marion Barry’s longtime bud, Rock Newman, will have his own Saturday radio show. ( Washington City Paper)

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